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Rick is an accomplished artist, brand creator, and advocate for peace and regenerative living, boasting over three decades of experience in design, advertising and film across global landscapes. As the founder of imageMILL, a pioneering hybrid branding and production company, and an award-winning creative director, Rick focuses on advancing branded journalism through documentary-style short films addressing environmental, cultural, and social issues. Rick is a longstanding director of the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Japan and holds a certificate in permaculture design, reflecting his commitment to fostering strong ties between countries and promoting natural living initiatives.


A multimedia artist working in many mediums from woodblock printing to interactive projection media.


Rick began his career as a graphic designer working in large branding agencies, evolving into art direction and creative direction before founding various creative agencies including imageMILL Japan.


Rick is a natural story teller and began with activist documentary film as life work, Rick has produced films for television and cinema and combines these skills for creating authentic brand journalism.

Zan the movie

Ricks first full length feature documentary covers the controversial building of an American marine base on the one of the last feeding grounds for the highly endangered Dugong, in Henoko, Okinawa.

ZAN movie about Henoko’s dugongs holds first screening in Nago


Jury Award Winner
Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival

“Best Feature Film”
Global Film Festival Awards

Global Nonviolent Film Festival